Implant Retained Dentures

Implant retained denture

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An implant retained denture is a denture that is secured in place using one or more dental implants. These dentures may be removable by the patient or fixed to the point where they are removable only by the dentist.

Implant retained denture options

Prior to the advent of implants, a patient who had lost all of his or her teeth was limited to wearing complete dentures. The stability and retention of those dentures was unpredictable. With the use of as few as two implants we are now able to construct a removable denture which snaps into place and provides excellent retention and stability. With the use of more than two implants, it is possible to make a fixed denture or fixed bridge which is just like having one’s own teeth.

Implanted dentures are better than a conventional dentures

A person's chewing ability with complete conventional dentures is only about 15% as effective compared to chewing with natural teeth. Implant retained dentures allow a person to function up to nearly 100% chewing efficiency.

Implant retained denture procedure

A consultation with Kelly will help you determine your best course to getting implant retained dentures. Once decided, extensive dental impressions are taken and the chosen number of implants are placed. We offer sedation dentistry to make the implant process as stress free as possible. After the dental implants are healed and solidly in place, the fixed or removable dentures are made and placed. Follow up visits are necessary to clean the implants just like one would clean natural teeth and to ensure that the dentures are performing as planned. Once made, these dentures will provide years of excellent service.

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