Tooth Colored Fillings

tooth colored, white dental fillings

White fillings are as durable as metal restorations. Until recently patients were told that repairing teeth with tooth colored fillings was just for cosmetic purposes.

With the modern technologies of dental adhesion, resins, lasers and state-of-the-art ceramics, the new porcelain restorations are close to rivaling nature in strength, wear, function and appearance. There are now 16-year studies showing how properly administered, advanced restorations surpass traditional dentistry. With these new materials it is possible to bond teeth back together, virtually restoring them to their original strength without the invasiveness of full-coverage crowns.

Today people are aware that back teeth are very noticeable when we talk and especially so when we laugh. Everyone wants natural looking white teeth. Seeing dark unsightly areas of metal can detract from what otherwise might be a perfect set of teeth. If this is your concern, relax. Now we have available several options to correct this. In the case of small areas of decay or replacement of fillings that are not overly large, directly placed bonded tooth colored composite resin fillings can make a tooth look like new.

In the majority of circumstances metal fillings or crowns can be replaced with techniques that are more conservative. It is now possible to preserve the healthy, remaining tooth structure rather than whittling teeth down as a pencil would be ground away by a pencil sharpener.

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