The Referral Program That Rocks!

Refers & New Patients are Welcome!

To expand our practice, we would love the opportunity to provide our services to your family, friends and co-workers! There is nothing better than a referral to let us know you are happy with our services!

In gratitude for your referrals, we will send you your choice of the following:

$25 Account Credit

(You will receive a $25 account credit. In addition, the person you refer to our practice will receive a $25 credit to their account to use for any treatment or office visit!)

$10 Starbucks Gift Card

(Register your card at & Starbucks will provide you with a login and password to access free wi-fi services at Starbucks Coffee Company locations, in addition to protecting your card's balance, should you lose it!)

$10 Harkins Movie Theatre Gift Card

(Check out a new feature film on us!) $15 iTunes Gift Card (Download your favorite music!)

$15 iTunes Gift Card

(Shop iTunes for your favorite book or music!) REFER FIVE OR MORE PEOPLE AND RECEIVE FREE TEETH WHITENING! We are grateful for the confidence you have in the services we provide & continue to strive to deliver the highest quality treatment available!

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