Dental Flossing – You Know Doc Knows Flossing

If you are my patient, you get asked how much you floss at least twice a year. It’s my job as your dentist to get this information. And yet, I get lied to roughly fifty percent of the time. The majority of those who tell me they are flossing are not. You don’t have to lie; Your gums are truth-telling. If you are not flossing or think you can floss right before you see me and pass as a dedicated flosser, the jig is up.

Floss Like Your Teeth Depend on IT

In any event, not many people floss once a day. Let’s be honest. If you are flossing three times a week, you are in the upper echelon of oral hygiene. If you floss less than that, you have to make a habit of it. Flossing is like anything else. The more you do it, the more efficient you become at doing it.

I tell my patients to attach it to something. For example, if you watch Jeopardy or Sports Center, bust out 18 inches of floss when you hear the theme song and get to work. Attach flossing to one of your daily rituals a few times a week will quickly become a habit. It is a small thing you can do for yourself with excellent long-term results.

When my patients finally make it a habit (trust me, my hygienists, and I can tell), they say how easy it is to maintain it. Regular flossing means less time and money spent in my chair, which means you can put your funds towards flossin’ your other grill.

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