Dentures - Custom Design

Our office takes pride in creating the most life-like dentures and partial dentures by using only the top materials and the highest quality laboratories available.

Full and Partial Removable Dentures

Prosthetic replacement of lost teeth can sometimes be accomplished by the use of acrylic or acrylic with metal substructures. These appliances are referred to as full dentures, where all al of the teeth on one or both jaws are missing, or partial dentures, where some natural teeth are present on the jaw being treated.

Custom dentures can provide wearers with a more natural-looking denture that can match the remaining teeth or look similar to the teeth being replaced. Doc Kelly works with each patient to choose the most aesthetic looking tooth size and denture color. The results achieved are very predictable.

Custom designed dentures

Custom dentures are available as full dentures when all teeth are missing on one or both jaws, or as partial dentures, when some natural teeth remain.

Custom Designed Dentures

Custom dentures are the best denture choice to match the shape and color of the remaining teeth; it can be provided as traditional dentures or used with dental implants for a secure implant-retained denture.

For a superior level of chewing power and denture retention, two to four dental implants can anchor a full denture to the jaw. We offer an implant-retained denture called All on 4® dental implants. You never have to worry about a loose denture again. Dental implants also prevent bone loss. With traditional dentures, chewing pressures on the gums result in jawbone loss over time.

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