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A removable dental bridge replaces one or more missing teeth to help restore function and/or aesthetics. Unlike a fixed bridge, a removable dental bridge may bridge one or more spans of missing teeth in the same dental arch and does not require a tooth on each side of the missing teeth. The stability of a removable dental bridge is dependent on the number and placement of the remaining teeth that are available to support the bridge.

When teeth are lost, there are usually four options for replacement: a partial denture / removable bridge, a dental implant, a fixed-cemented dental bridge, or dentures.

A removable bridge is beneficial because it restores function and aesthetics where needed. Tooth loss causes many problems including, the loss of chewing effectiveness, increased stress on the remaining teeth, shifting of teeth behind and above the lost tooth, and it poses an aesthetic dilemma for most people.

Removable Dental Bridge Placement Procedure Time Frame

Life-expectancy of dental restorations

The lifespan of a dental restoration depends on several factors such as the location of the bridge, the span of the bridge and how hard the patient is on the restoration.

When a Removable Dental Bridge Is a Good Solution

A removable dental bridge is a good choice when the number of missing teeth in a span is too great or the jawbone and/or abutting teeth are too compromised to support a fixed bridge or dental implant. This is also a good option when a patient desires not to undergo implant surgery.

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